Frequently Asked Questions FAQS

What Is Sealcoating?

Sealcoating Is A Form Of Protection Against The Elements As Well As Oil And Gasoline. Sealcoating Enhances The Look Of Your Driveway/Parking Lot And Prolongs The Life Of The Asphalt.

How Often Should I Sealcoat?

We Recommend That You Seal Your Driveway/Parking Lot Every Other Year To Every Three Years.

How Long Should I Wait Before I Have My Driveway Sealcoated?

Asphalt Should Be Allowed To Cure For 6-12 Months.

Do I Have To Be Home On The Day My Driveway Work Is Scheduled?

No, As Long As The Driveway Is Clear Of Vehicles, We Can Complete Your Job. Payment Is Due Upon Completion. (Our Estimate Is Our Final Bill) You Can Leave Us A Check, Cash, Money Order Or We Could Pick It Up After Completion.

Is The Sealer Supposed To Smooth It Out?

No, Sealcoating Is Not Intended To Provide Asphalt With A Smooth Surface. A Smooth Service Would Be Slippery Making It Unsafe When Wet. Sealcoating Is A Protective Coating For Asphalt. It Will Conform To Dips, Divots, And Sunken Areas. It Will Not Level Off Depressions.

How Long Should I Stay Off My Driveway After The Application Of Sealer?

We Suggest You Wait 48 Hours Before Driving On It. You Can Walk On It, When The Driveway Gives Off A Flat Finish And Looks Dry.

What Is Your Tank Mixture?

We Follow Manufacturer Recommended Specs Which Include The Following:

  • Every 100 Gallons Of Concentrate Sealcoating With Sand We Add 30 Gallons Of Water.
  • 2 Gallons Of Our “Targel Plus” Additive

Why Do You Use “Targel Plus” Additive

This Additive Costs Us Much More To Use But A Higher Quality Job Is Achieved.

How Much Will It Cost To Seal My Driveway/Parking Lot?

The Cost Of Driveways Varies. We Charge By The Square Foot And Condition Of The Driveway And Will Give A Very Competitive Price. Just Give The Office A Call For A Free Quote And We Will Come Out And Give You A Quote Of The Job.

Why Do Estimates Vary So Much?

Consumers Typically Obtain Several Estimates. This Helps To Keep Companies Honest. The Sealcoating Industry Seems To Get A Bad Reputation For Having Many Fly-By-Nighters Who Water Their Sealcoat Material Down To Nothing But Black Water. As Soon As The Job Is Done And Paid For, They Disappear And You Can Never Get In Touch With Them Again.

American Sealcoating Llc Is A High Quality, Professional Company With Outstanding Customer Service And All Of Our Work Is Guaranteed. We Are Very Easy To Talk To And Deal With. The Price Of A Sealcoating Job Has Many Considerations, Among Them Size, Asphalt Condition And Prep Work Needed – Just To Name A Few.

Estimates From Sealcoat Companies Should Be Fairly Similar. If It’S Too Good To Be True, They’Re Probably Cutting Corners.

Does American Sealcoating Offer A Guarantee?

Yes We Do. If You Are Not Satisfied With The Job, We Will Do What Is Necessary To Make You Happy. We Also Offer A Warranty For 1 Year On Materials. High Traffic Areas Require Two Coats Of Sealer To Qualify.

*Cannot guarantee against flood damage or abuse from plows, abnormal physical damage, excessive sand/salt, chemicals, gas or oil.